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Cylindrical Stopper


The Cylindrical Stopper is an inflatable bag with a rugged waterproofed casing that may be inflated to a high internal pressure and will hold against as much as ten pounds pressure in the pipe.

The broad central zone makes contact with the wall of the pipe and holds against a higher pressure than other types of bags.

Cylindrical Stoppers should not be inflated over the pressure given on the direction card fastened to each Stopper. These pressures are:

2 in. ........15 psi
3 in. ........15 psi
4 in. ........15 psi
6 in. ........15 psi
8 in. ........12 psi
10 in. ........10 psi
12 in. ........8 psi
16 in. ........6 psi
20 in. ........5 psi
24 in. ........3 psi
30 in. ........3 psi
36 in. ........3 psi

These pressures leave a margin of safety. They are about half the breaking pressure under test in the shop.

Cylindrical Stoppers inflated according to these directions will hold against a pipe pressure equal to 60% of the pressure in the bag. That is, a six-inch Stopper inflated to a pressure of fifteen pounds, will hold back about ten pounds pressure in a water main.

Use a gauge and watch it.

For 3-inch Stopper 1 -inch Hole
For 4-inch Stopper 1-1/4 -inch Hole
For 5-inch Stopper 1-1/4 -inch Hole
For 6-inch Stopper 1-1/2 -inch Hole
For 7-inch Stopper 1-1/2 -inch Hole
For 8-inch Stopper 2 -inch Hole
For 9-inch Stopper 2 -inch Hole
For 10-inch Stopper 2 -inch Hole
For 12-inch Stopper 2-1/2 -inch Hole
For 14-inch Stopper 2-1/2 -inch Hole
For 15-inch Stopper 3 -inch Hole
For 16-inch Stopper 3 -inch Hole
For 18-inch Stopper 3 -inch Hole
For 20-inch Stopper 4 -inch Hole
For 22-inch Stopper 4 -inch Hole
For 24-inch Stopper 4 -inch Hole
For 30-inch Stopper 5 -inch Hole
For 36-inch Stopper 5 -inch Hole
For 42-inch Stopper 6 -inch Hole
For 48-inch Stopper 6 -inch Hole

Do Not Pull on Rubber Tube When Removing Stopper from Main

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