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Ensure your meter shut-offs against tampering and gas theft.
Ensure service tightness by testing.
Ensure intermediate pressure regulator installations by testing. X-Pander Plugs


To install the X-Pander plug in a pipe or fitting, first take the plug and slip it onto the end of the wrench engaging pin "A" into the slot at the end of the wrench and turn the pin "A" into notch "B". This will hold the plug onto the end of the wrench. Then turn the wrench handle "F" clockwise with one hand while holding the wrench at "G" with the other until pin "D" on the wrench drops into the hole "E" in the X-Pander plug nut. Now the plug is ready for expansion. The plug may now be inserted into a fitting or pipe. By holding the wrench at "G" and turning the handle "F" clockwise, the plug will be expanded.

To remove the wrench from the plug after the plug is expanded, just push in on the wrench and turn the wrench clockwise enough to let pin "A" out of notch "B" and out the slot at the end of the wrench.

To remove the plug from a pipe or fitting, put wrench into pipe and slip notch in end of wrench over pin "A" and turn wrench right engaging pin "A" into notch at "C." Now, by holding the wrench at "G" with one hand and turning the wrench handle "F" counter clockwise, the plug will be contracted. When the plug is contracted enough, the plug and wrench will slip out of the pipe or fitting.

In expanding the plug, don't use any extra leverage on the wrench handle "F" as it is not necessary to tighten the plug any tighter that the ordinary man can pull on handle "F." Any extra leverage would tend to damage the wrench or the plug.

Wrenches are available 7," 12," 18," & 24" Long. Wrenches are universal-any wrench will fit all sizes of plugs.

Plugs are available in 1/2," 3/4," 1," 1-1/4," 1-1/2," & 2" Sizes.

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